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Mister Rogers Remixed makes me nostalgic


I loved watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood when I was a kid. He was simple and gentle and honest, and the show was interesting and entertaining, without all the hoopla of other shows. No animation, no explosions, no yelling. He encouraged a person to think and to use their imagination, and he embraced individuality. “You always make each day a special day. You know how – by just your being¬† yourself. There’s only one person in the whole world that’s like you, and that’s you. And people can like you just the way you are.”

Fred Rogers was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom, won a Peabody Award, and was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame. One of his trademark sweaters is actually displayed at the Smithsonian, and rightly so – he was an icon.

I love this video mash-up created in collaboration between PBS, The Fred Rogers Company and mash-up artist John D. Boswell. I hope you enjoy it too!