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16 Reasons Your Relationship With Your Dog Is The Only One You Need


Anyone who knows me, knows what an animal lover I am. A house without a dog in it just isn’t a home to me. When we take our dog to get a bath, or have to board him, and I walk into an empty house, something just doesn’t feel right to me.

I grew up with dogs. We had collies when I was little, then a dalmatian, and finally we ended up with our first mastiff, appropriately named Uno. A long string of mastiffs followed, and when I moved away from home, I eventually got my first mastiff too. Yes, they’re big dogs (many are over 200lbs)….which means everything is big – what I scoop in the backyard, the vet bills, the amount of drool…..but their hearts are as big as they are.


I love this page full of reasons why dogs are awesome. Unconditional love…there’s nothing like it!

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