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Check out These Brilliant Packages – They’ll Make You Want To Buy Something


I admit it – I am a sucker for clever marketing and packaging, and these are so good they sell themselves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought something because I thought the box was so brilliant that surely the product itself must be equally as impressive. (Yeah, I’ve been disappointed a good number of times!) Not only that, but boxes and bottles are kind of a thing for me…especially boxes. Some people collect stamps, I collect boxes. Over the years I’ve assembled a stockpile of hat boxes, trunks, odd packaging of all shapes and sizes. My best friend knows my weird box quirk, and always seems to find the coolest boxes for me for Christmas and birthdays – sometimes the boxes hold the gifts, and other times the boxes ARE the gifts, and I am totally down with that. I can’t explain my fascination with boxes….I’m just grateful that the stuff I collect is cheap, and sometimes free….with a purchase, of course. This little article is a nice photographic list of cool packaging….kudos to the marketing team and designers.

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