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Could this be the first drinkable sunscreen?


Sick of sticky sunscreen? A US cosmetics company claims to have designed a suntan lotion that you can drink – but experts say it is a gimmick. There’s no scientific proof this stuff actually works. Oh, big surprise!!! Drinkable sunscreen….just thinking about it kinda makes me feel creepy. I know that there are medications on the market that cause you to burn more easily in the sun, but those are generally prescriptions, given to you by a pharmacist, and overseen by a doctor, to take care of some sort of illness or condition. Are we seriously so lazy and prissy that we can’t be bothered to lotion up to protect our skin from the sun? In addition to lotion, there’s spray, oil, even dry oil…..so many choices. “Once ingested, the product’s liquid molecules vibrate on the skin, cancelling out 97 per cent of UVA and UVB rays”, according to US company Osmosis Skincare. So, let me get this straight….I drink this stuff and it somehow gets to the outside of my skin???? Ugh. I think not. I’ll continue to spritz, spray and rub on my SPF whatever the old fashioned way.

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