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Here Are 17 People Who Tried To Use The English Language… And Failed.


It makes me crazy to see things spelled incorrectly. I will call a business if they have a sign up and it’s wrong. I worked for a radio station years ago that sent out a mail piece and they had it printed before I got a chance to look at it. The General Manager okayed the proof, and when it was shipped they had spelled Led Zeppelin wrong!!!! The GM said it was too costly to reprint, so it was mailed with the error – I wanted to cry. I try to take the time to proofread everything I write or send, but I get in a hurry and  I know I’ve made mistakes. When I see them later, I just cringe, but I like to think that most of the mistakes I make are because my typing is atrocious, and my brain works faster than my fingers can move on the keyboard. (If you see any issues on this page, feel free to email me so I’ll be red with shame!) If you hit the “Read More” link, you’ll see some great examples of ridiculous spelling and grammar errors. The ones that REALLY put me over the edge are the people who want to argue with you, or just don’t understand what they’ve done. I blame texting for a lot of the idiocy out there today.


We all make mistakes but these… their, there, they’re horrible. 😉

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