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Here’s How Much Time You Spend In Your Lifetime Doing Normal Activities. Sleeping For 26 Years?!


These are really eye opening, and some are even depressing. For example, the average person spends 23,214 hours washing clothes, but only 2760 hours laughing. That’s not a very good “laugh to spin cycle” ratio. I don’t know about you, but my life is too valuable to spend waiting to add softener. I think everyone could benefit from more humor, more smiles and more moments of pure joy. I know people need to work, but maybe it doesn’t need to consume us. I am an admitted workaholic, but a lot of what I do is just plain fun. We all have too much stress, and too little time on this earth….maybe we need to rethink our priorities. Take a look at this list by hitting the Read More link, and see what I’m talking about. Me – I need to spend more time at the beach. (And hey, what’s up with that man vs woman “happy time” discrepancy? Not cool. I gotta work on that too.)

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