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Wedding Party Photo Fail


The wedding photography business can be quite lucrative….seriously, I’ve been pricing wedding photographers and the amount of money people will pay for this is astonishing to me. And what couples seem to want photos of is pretty crazy too. I don’t want some photographer following me around on what is supposed to be the happiest day of my life, snapping away while I try to squeeze into the dress I was trying to lose weight to wear; crying over a wilted flower in the bouquet; yelling at the guy in the speedo who just won’t move away from the beachfront where the ceremony is going to be held. And of course, everyone is trying to get that perfect shot. Now there’s even a trend to “trash the dress”, where the bride rolls around in the sand, or goes into the ocean or lake wearing that big frothy white creation that they mortgaged their future to purchase (or in some cases, that mom and dad gave up their retirement to buy!).

This couple in Minnesota had a HUGE wedding party, and thought it would be great to have them all pose on a dock, but apparently didn’t think about a possible weight limit. Yeah, it happened. And it’s on video. I just wish they’d kept the camera rolling, because I bet the aftermath was even more entertaining!