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‘Marketing And Finance Wizard’ Gene Simmons To Release ‘Me, Inc.’ Book In October – Blabbermouth.net


Although Simmons has long portrayed himself as the brains behind KISS, his bandmate Paul Stanley’s memoir, “Face The Music: A Life Exposed”, paints a different picture, with Stanley claiming that Simmons was always more concerned with the Gene Simmons business. According to Keith Spera’s review of “Face The Music” in The Times-Picayune, Paul writes in the book that he, along with his therapist at the time, realized in the 1980s that KISS’ financial managers were acting in bad faith. Other managers – not Simmons – encouraged diversification into a wide and lucrative range of merchandising opportunities.
“I saw the term ‘marketing genius’ used in reference to Gene quite frequently . . . [and] it turned my stomach,” Stanley wrote of Simmons.

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