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Woman Posed As Doctor, Gave Truckers Physical Exams and Urine Tests

The Smoking Gun

Joann Wingate, 56, charged her trucker clientele $65 for a complete exam inside her Pennsylvania home, where patients provided her with a urine sample.

The criminal probe of Wingate began when the California trucker became suspicious about her purported medical credentials (the man had been told by California authorities that there was a problem with forms faxed to them by Wingate). The trucker told cops that “Dr. Wingate” performed a complete exam, and even had him provide her with a urine sample.The trucker, Todd Wakefield, told cops that “Dr. Wingate” picked him up in “an old blue Ford Tempo” and drove him to her “office,” which was inside a residence. Wakefield “indicated that besides it being odd that the ‘office’ was inside of the residence, ‘Dr. Wingate’ did ‘everything that a doctor would normally do during a physical.”

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