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Helping The Homeless, One Slice At A Time


About a year ago, someone walked into a pizza place in Philadelphia called Rosa’s, and asked if they could pay a dollar extra to buy a slice for a homeless person. It was a tiny act of kindness that ended up having a big impact. Because since then, THOUSANDS of people have done it!

The owner, Mason Wartman, started putting Post-It notes on the wall each time someone donated a slice. And in the past nine months, more than 8,400 people have paid it forward. Some homeless people have been coming in almost every day for a slice, and Mason is totally cool with it. Recently, one of them left a note that said, quote, “I just want to thank everyone that donated to Rosa’s. It gave me a place to eat every day and the opportunity to get back on my feet. I start a new job tomorrow.” Last week, Mason was on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to talk about it, and she gave him a check for $10,000 to help him out.