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Car Dealer Offers Vandal A Job

12/04/2015 at 7:42 |
Two kids were caught vandalizing cars at a dealership in Sioux Falls, South Dakota back in October. They dented 20 cars by jumping on the hoods, and caused about $40,000 worth damage. The owner of the dealership is a guy named Mike Schulte. And when he first saw the security footage, he planned to press charges. Then he recently found out how young they were. One kid was 14, and the other was 10. And he knew if they ended up in the system, it could ruin their lives. So he talked to the 14-year-old, who seemed genuinely sorry about it . . . decided NOT to press charges . . . and covered all the damages HIMSELF. He also found out the kid's mom is disabled . . . the apartment they lived in was a dump . . . and the kid had to walk three miles to school every day. So he helped them find a new place, and bought the kid a bus pass and a bike. Then he gave him a JOB washing cars on Saturdays. Some of the money he makes will go toward the damages, the rest he'll get to keep. Mike says that just knowing someone cares has already turned the kid's life around. So he plans to keep helping until the kid graduates high school. Read More

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