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A Guy Assaulted Someone With Bacon and Eggs . . . and Sent Him to the Hospital?

02/26/2016 at 8:50 |
There's only one way this story makes sense. We're dealing with bacon that's just DRIPPING with burning hot grease. And maybe some well done toast. Those sound like they could inflict bodily harm, right? A 19-year-old guy in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada was eating breakfast with a few people at a restaurant on Monday morning. And he got into an argument with a 29-year-old man at the table. The cops didn't say how they knew each other, but it must have gotten UGLY. Because guys just don't do this. (Waste perfectly good bacon.) The 19-year-old guy picked up his bacon and EGGS . . . and hit the other guy in the FACE with them. Somehow that did enough damage that the guy had to go to the HOSPITAL. And the guy who did it was arrested . . . for assault with a WEAPON. Read More

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