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What Would You Do To Never Pay Taxes Again?

03/23/2016 at 8:20 | WalletHub

We’re going to go out on a limb and say you don’t like paying taxes. It’s okay, we won’t tell Bernie Sanders on you. So . . . what’s it worth to you to NEVER pay them again?

A new survey asked people what they’d be willing to do for a tax-free future. Here are the results . . .

1. Get an “IRS” tattoo, 27% would do it.

2. Move to a different country, 16%.

3. Clean the toilets at Chipotle for three years, 11%.

4. Stop talking for six months, 10%.

5. Name your first-born child “Taxes,” 8%.

6. Sell a kidney, 6%.

7. Assuming you’d get away with it, murder someone, 4%.

8. Spend a year in prison, 4%.

The survey also asked people what they’d rather do than work on their taxes. Here are those answers . . .

1. Do the laundry, 77%.

2. Cut the grass, 60%.

3. Teach your kids how to budget, 48%.

4. Cook Thanksgiving dinner for your in-laws, 47%.

5. Paint your house, 45%.

6. Change a baby’s diaper, 43%.

7. Talk to your kids about sex, 35%.

8. Fold 100 fitted sheets, 32%.

9. Miss a connecting flight, 23%.

10. Spend the night in jail, 13%.

11. Break your arm, 8%.

And finally, 5.7% of people say they’ve already given up and they’re planning on paying their taxes after Tax Day.

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