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Official Big Show Statement About Robert D. Raiford

06/09/2016 at 8:20 | Posted by cindymiller
Robert D. Raiford has been on sabbatical from the John Boy and Billy Big Show for many months, and now the reason for his absence is explained.   From all of us - to all of you… A lot of you have been asking why Robert D. Raiford hasn’t been on the show for the last few months. We know we’ve been kinda vague on the specifics - but that’s what Bob wanted us to do - and we’ve respected his wishes. But as you may have heard on the show this morning, Raif now wants us to let you guys in on some of the details about what he’s been going through. Last summer, Bob suffered a serious stroke that affected his speech - and his mobility. He’s been working hard on his recovery. He’s made tremendous improvement – but he’s not at the point where he feels like he can return to his full role on the show yet. For that reason, Bob has decided to announce his retirement. Robert D. Raiford has been a fixture on The Big Show for nearly 30 years. He continues to work on getting better – and we’ve made it clear to him that there will always be a place for him on our show. We look forward to announcing his “Un-Retirement” soon. Earlier this week, the Charlotte Observer’s Mark Washburn interviewed Raif and then talked with us in the studio. It is a terrifically honest article that truly captures the heartbreaking truth of all of this. It will appear in tomorrow’s paper, but the Observer graciously agreed to publish it online today (see link below). Also, there is a video, at the top of the article, you have to watch. It was created by the Charlotte Observer’s Todd Sumlin, and is awesome… We appreciate all of you who’ve shown your concern during Raif’s absence. We’ve been sharing your well-wishes with Raiford - and he wants you to know he’s very grateful. - The John Boy & Billy Big Show