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Seattle Food Truck Serves on Standstill Highway

03/01/2017 at 11:59 | Tyler Miller // Freelance Writer
Photo Credit: Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images
They say food brings people together, and this statement rang true earlier this week when the food truck Tacos El Tajin saw an open opportunity and cooked with it. According to Washington State's Department of Transportation Twitter feed, an overturned tanker truck caused extreme delays on the I-5 highway near downtown Seattle. The tanker was carrying butane, which is highly flammable, but luckily no explosions happened. But the creative foodies behind the Mexican food truck utilized the downtime to serve the standstill customers with some slow-cooked pork. A video captured by Tyler Slauson of Seattle's Q13 News shows the seemingly endless landscape of parked cars followed by the line gathering near the green taco truck.     This unlikely outpouring of spices and sauces just goes to show that hunger can strike at any unsuspecting moment. And everyone loves traffic jam tacos.   Tyler Miller is the type of writer that prefers the typewriter.