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A Man Needs Emergency Surgery After He Uses A Live Eel To Relieve His Constipation

04/21/2017 at 8:16 | Posted by cindymiller
Photo Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images
A man in Guangzhou, China was having serious constipation issues last week.  So he attempted to get some relief with one of the WORST plans EVER. The guy got himself a two-foot live EEL and shoved it into his body so it would clean his pipes and get things moving.  And he didn't shove it in through his mouth . . . no, he shoved that damn eel right where the sun don't shine. And . . . it wrecked him.  (Wordplay!) The eel did so much damage to his stomach and his intestines that he needed emergency surgery to have it removed.  The doctors were able to get it out, but they say it almost killed him. According to the guy, using an eel for constipation relief is an old Chinese folk remedy. Click here to read more.