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Rock News Round Up – 5-19-17

05/19/2017 at 8:07 | Posted by cindymiller
By now you've obviously heard that Chris Cornell of Soundgarden died after a show in Detroit Wednesday night, at the age of 52.  Well, the medical examiner has already ruled it a suicide by hanging. Chris had his battles with drug addiction, but yesterday his wife Vicky said she talked to him before and after the show, and there were absolutely no signs he was depressed or suicidal. Vicky had tried to reach Chris in his hotel room early Thursday morning but couldn't get through.  So she called somebody to check on him, and that's when he was found on the floor with some kind of band around his neck. The last song Soundgarden played . . . and thus the last song Chris Cornell will EVER play . . . was "Slaves & Bulldozers" . . . but they mixed in parts of "In My Time of Dying" by Zeppelin. There probably wasn't any symbolism there.  They were known to play that one. The Cars are releasing expanded editions of Candy-O and Panorama this summer. The July 28th remastered sets will include bonus tracks. Gene Simmons is looking to rake in some cash by telling YOU how to rake in some cash. No release date is scheduled yet, but his new book, On Power, is supposed to out November 14. Kansas announced on social media that they have canceled their European tour. “The cancellation is based on safety and security warnings issued by the United States government and various U.S. law enforcement agencies concerning Americans traveling in Europe this summer. Kansas is extremely saddened that the band will not be able to perform for its European fans this year.” Motley Crue fans, rejoice! A 30th anniversary edition of Girls, Girls, Girls will be released on August 25. Although the idea of Glenn Frey's son joining the Eagles for their two gigs this year had previously been shot down by Don Henley, it has now been confirmed that Deacon Frey will perform with the band at the Classic East and Classic West music festivals. Henley confirmed this in a recent interview with a radio station in Dallas. A guitar that Jimi Hendrix played at the Monterey Pop Festival is hitting the auction block.  The starting bid is $500,000 The Beatles reissue of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band will be released on May 26, but they aren't done yet. A new project is already in the works - a re-release of the White Album. Sammy Hagar has mentioned this in the past, and now Michael Anthony has chimed on the possibility of a Van Halen tour with both David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar fronting the band, each singing songs from their tenure.