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2 days ago

WATCH: Red Pandas are Having Snow Much Fun

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is home to a lot of animals, but these red pandas making the most of the cold winter weather take the cuteness cake. They are adorable to see, and it’s a cuteness overload when you see them frolic in the snow.

Toronto Sun

4 days ago

Man charged for stealing 26,500lbs of cheese

Until I saw this story, I had never heard of the CHEESE MAFIA. I don’t know many details about the Cheese Mafia. I kind of wish I could go back in time, when I was blissfully ignorant about the existence of the Cheese Mafia. Now I’m worried. I love cheese. 48-year-old Patrick Westcott is an […]


1 week ago

WATCH: Dad tells boy the car has secret ejector seat which will ‘send him into space’ unless he behaves

A teasing dad who threatened to send his four-year-old son into the stratosphere by pressing an ejector seat button in his car has instead launched him into cyberspace. Some folks call it creative parenting, others are claiming child abuse. I’m guessing this kid will NOT grow up to be an astronaut.

ABC News

2 weeks ago

Crowd Funding New Way to Pay for Kids’ Birthday Parties

I must vent. This story has me ticked off six ways from Sunday.I will say that I think crowdfunding is a brilliant idea, and I’ve even participated in things like helping a band get an album recorded and donating to folks in need. It’s a cool way to get a new business or product off […]


2 weeks ago

Man Stole Kitten from Minneapolis PetSmart, Later Returned it with Apology Note

Don’t let the pressure of Valentine’s Day force you into a life of crime! A Valentine’s Day gift went wrong when a man stole a 3-month-old kitten from a Minneapolis PetSmart Friday, only to return it to another PetSmart Saturday with a note apologizing, saying he didn’t have money, and wanted to give the kitten […]


3 weeks ago

VIDEO: Amish buggy doing donuts in the snow

On Sunday, someone in northeastern Ohio spotted an Amish guy doing donuts in a horse-drawn buggy. Even the Amish like to get crazy every now and then!


4 weeks ago

VIDEO: A Make A Wish Kid is Going To The Super Bowl!

14-year-old Daniel Duncan lives in Olympia, Washington, and suffers from a life-threatening illness that affects his eyesight. So he recently asked the Make-A-Wish Foundation to send him to the Super Bowl. But it was short notice, so they were planning to do it for NEXT year’s game. The problem is, Daniel’s a HUGE Seahawks fan. […]


4 weeks ago

WATCH: NO MORE’s Official Super Bowl Ad Against Domestic Violence

Before the “DeflateGate” silliness, the NFL had an ACTUAL scandal on its hands: The flurry of assault and abuse cases involving players, and the league’s seemingly reluctant approach to dealing with them. Well, could it be that the NFL is finally starting to GET IT? They’ve produced an anti-domestic violence PSA that will air during […]

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