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19 hours ago

The High Voltage Ejector Bed

Ever have a great idea and wish you and the time and money to actually create it? Colin Furze is a mad engineer who does just that for a show called “Gadget Geeks” for a TV channel in the UK. He created retractable working Wolverine claws, a high speed mobility scooter, a motorized baby carriage, […]


6 days ago

Mailman’s Plea For Books Gets Worldwide Response

A mailman named Ron Lynch was in the middle of his route near Salt Lake City recently, when a 12-year-old named Matthew Flores asked if there was any extra JUNK MAIL he could have. It turned out Matthew loves reading more than anything, but his parents couldn’t afford to buy him books, or even bus […]


2 weeks ago

Women Are Botoxing Their Scalps To Preserve Hairdos

Look, I hate a bad hair day as much as the next person, but it CRAZY what some people will do to avoid it. Injecting your scalp to prevent sweat and save your ‘do – would you go this extreme? Uh……no. In order to protect their styles and $35 blowouts from destruction by summer heat […]


2 weeks ago

Chameleon Loves Bubbles

This girl loves to pop bubbles – look at her little hands!!!  

Washington Post

3 weeks ago

Man Filmed A Fatal Car Crash Instead Of Helping

This guy must have been a fan of Seinfeld, because what he did reminded me of that show’s final episiode. A guy in Ohio witnessed a deadly car crash on Monday. But instead of helping the victims, he opened one of the doors and started FILMING them. Police searched for charges to file against him, […]


4 weeks ago

The Cuban Pete Dance From “The Mask” Performed Poolside

Dance like no one is watching? The heck with that…..this kid has an audience and doesn’t care one bit. He’s just having a good time.

Washington Post

4 weeks ago

Police Charge Man For Holding Two Deer Captive In His House For A Year

A man in West Virginia has been charged with two counts of illegal possession of wildlife after allegedly keeping two deer captive in his home for an entire year. Wait, what???? Apparently, over the weekend, authorities visited the man’s residence after receiving complaints about a deer being seen inside the home, and saw a deer […]

ABC News

4 weeks ago

Side-By-Side Comparison of New Oreo Thins to Original

A new type of Oreo is coming out next week. They’re called Oreo Thins, and that’s exactly what they are: They’re like regular Oreos, but MUCH skinnier. Seriously, who has ever eaten an Oreo and said “this is good, but I wish there was less of it”? The Oreo Thin is two smaller chocolate cookies […]

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