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Mail Online

4 days ago

Is the collie really top dog? Canine comparison survey rates each breed

A new study ranked 87 of the most popular dog breeds from best to worst. They based it on how much they cost . . . their intelligence . . . their health . . . their lifespan . . . and how easy they are to groom. And the best dog in the world […]

NY Daily News

2 weeks ago

Colo. granny praises police who did her shopping

She will be eternally grateful for the kindness of two strangers who were also police officers. Julia Brecht is an 86-year-old great-grandmother in Aurora, Colorado, and late last month, she was shopping in the produce section at Target when a guy stalked her, grabbed her purse, and took off. Luckily, the two cops who showed […]


3 weeks ago

WATCH: Sneezing Chicken

I can’t stop watching this video!!!!! Never saw a chicken sneeze before.


3 weeks ago

WATCH: What was Mike Seidel doing ?

I was watching NBC News over the weekend, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw this and wondered what in the heck Mike Seidel was doing. He was caught totally unprepared when the split screen showed him standing in the snow with his back to the camera. Someone yelled at him to […]


3 weeks ago

WATCH: Teddy Bear the Porcupine’s Halloween Feast

I had no idea that a porcupine made the noises that this little guy produces. You gotta check out Teddy bear – he talks! He is the funniest, cutest thing and I would so want on, if it wasn’t for those pesky quills! More videos of Teddy Bear!      


3 weeks ago

Best Pumpkin Ever!

I never seem to be able to come up with super creative Halloween pumpkin ideas – I see the things that others carve or come up with, and I am blown away. A healthcare website developing company called Officite holds an office pumpkin decorating contest every year, and the results were posted on Reddit. One […]


4 weeks ago

WATCH: Clingy pandas don’t want to take their medicine

How do pandas take medicine? Much like your kids – with great effort. Watch this zookeeper wrestle with these panda twins t get them to take their meds – so cute!  


4 weeks ago

WoofTrax: Dog Powered Fundraising – Walk your dog and benefit local animal shelters!

If you’re a dog owner, there’s a way to donate to charity, even if you don’t have extra cash, and you don’t have to do anything you’re not already doing. Just take your pooch for a stroll and everyone benefits! There’s a new, free app called “Walk for a Dog” that uses the GPS on […]

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