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3 days ago

Super Bowl Ads: Budweiser Puppy Returns in 2015’s ‘Lost Dog’ TV Spot

Budweiser’s “Why don’t we just put an adorable puppy onscreen for 60 seconds and watch everyone ‘Oooh’ and ‘Aaah’” Super Bowl ad was so successful that they’re bringing the dog back this year. And this year, it’s like they’re not even TRYING to hide how deliberately they’re tugging at the heartstrings of America, because this […]


3 days ago

VIDEO: Bad NFL Lip Reading

More of what COULD have been said in the NFL. Yep, it’s another round of Bad NFL Lip Reading, and it’s hilarious!


5 days ago

‘Invisible Boyfriend’ and ‘Invisible Girlfriend’ App Help You Fake Being In a Relationship

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, countless singletons are no doubt gearing up to respond to that dreaded question from parents, grandparents and other nosy relatives: “So, are you seeing anyone?” While that question may be uncomfortable, this solution proposed by a couple business partners, doesn’t seem very comfortable either. Two new services just launched, called Invisible Boyfriend […]

Belltown Seattle

2 weeks ago

VIDEO: A Canine’s Commute

One furry passenger is turning the Belltown, Seattle commute from rush hour into “ruff” hour. Eclipse is a two-year-old black Labrador, and she has places to be just like everyone else. When her owner stops for a smoke break and is too slow to catch the bus, Eclipse jumps aboard by herself, and gets off […]


2 weeks ago

WATCH: Drunk Monster Truck Fan Explains Love of Sport

On Saturday, someone from a radio station in Atlanta went to interview people at a monster truck rally. And they asked an extremely drunk woman what she loves about the sport . . . but she decided to talk about her RELATIONSHIP instead. She said that she and her husband were both dating each other’s […]

ITV News

2 weeks ago

US owners of Cadbury ‘secretly change’ Creme Egg recipe

Do you wait patiently for the first signs of Easter? No, not the bunny, the Cadbury Creme Egg! Well, you might be disappointed this year. Rumor has it that Kraft Foods, owner of Cadbury, is facing strong criticism for “secretly” rolling out a new “cheap-tasting” Creme Egg. What???????!!!!! My fiance LIVES for his annual ingestion […]


1 month ago

John Belushi and Joe Cocker “Feelin’ Alright”

When I heard the news of Joe Cocker’s death, I was stunned and saddened. He had such a distinctive, growly voice, and so many incredible songs. Watching TV last night and roaming cyberspace, I heard clips of songs that I had pretty much forgotten about, and one of the things that was mentioned was the […]


1 month ago

WATCH: Holiday Feast – 13 Dogs and 1 Cat Eating with Human Hands

I’ve seen these videos before, and they just tickle me – I don’t know why! Check out a video of a holiday feast among friends, and watch for food thieves!

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