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Viral Nova

1 day ago

31 Adorable Pictures Of Kids And Their Dog Best Friends.

If you don’t have a dog, you will want to get one after seeing these photos. There is nothing quite like cozying up to a warm furry body, and the kids in these pictures definitely know that. This is just a start – you gotta see the whole bunch.


3 days ago

Video: Eddie Vedder Covers “Imagine”

Rock stars have a habit of raising a ruckus. Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam has been in the news the last week or so for his anti-war statements, including a rant that some people thought was directed towards Israel. He was pretty fired up, and ticked off a lot of people, although he didn’t specifically […]


1 week ago

Video: RE2PECT

I am not a big baseball fan – I enjoy the occasional game, but prefer my sports a little more fast-paced and rough and tumble. When I do watch baseball, I like to see the Yankees lose….pro0bably like a whole lot of other people. In fact, The NY Yankees recently topped the list of most […]

Viral Nova

2 weeks ago

These 8 Psychological Fact Are Pretty Awesome

Hmmmmm…..has someone been manipulating you? It’s possible. Everyone has a trick or two up their sleeve to get what they want. If you know someone well, you might even recognize what they’re doing, but forewarned is fore-armed. Check out this list of psychological facts and feel free to use one in your next argument. #6 […]


3 weeks ago

Safety Tips (Not Really) For July 4th

Independence Day is quickly approaching, which means many friends and families are purchasing fireworks to set off in celebration. Here are some tips for preventing painful fireworks-related injuries: Most serious injuries happen on July 4th, so set off your explosives on the day before or the day after. If a firework fails to ignite, there […]

Viral Nova

4 weeks ago

48 Amazing Hotels Around The World For Your Bucket List.

I would spend the rest of my days traveling if I could. I love to explore new cities and towns, see historical places and things, and sample the foods of other areas. When I’m on vacation, most of my time is spent OUT of the hotel, so I rarely spend a ton of money on […]

Viral Nova

1 month ago

It Doesn’t Get Any Dumber Than These Hilarious Would Be Criminals. LOL.

Would-be criminals are a special kind of idiot. If you choose to embark on a life of crime, you’ve obviously got issues. (I’m not talking about the person who steals food for their hungry kids, that’s a different story.) I’m talking about people who choose to break the law, stupidly thinking that they can get […]


1 month ago

Radio Ramblings

The death of Casey Kasem has had a lot of people remembering the good old American Top 40 countdown – just like many people, I listened to it, and waited patiently for the top songs to be announced. I loved that show. The passing of a radio icon has also had me thinking back to […]

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