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Animal Planet

5 days ago

The Puppy Bowl Is This Sunday!

Yes, I am excited about the game on Sunday, but I am also excited about the OTHER game…….Puppy Bowl returns with an all-star, all-adorable puppy, kitty and piggy cast that’s ready to mix it up in Animal Planet stadium.


6 days ago

Retired officer gets to keep K-9 partner

This story makes me so happy!!!! Matthew Hickey, a retired police officer in Marietta, Ohio, has been allowed to keep his K-9 partner, Ajax. Maybe you saw this story on the news, or read about it on our website – either way there’s a very happy ending. Officer Matthew Hickey developed a close bond with […]


1 week ago

2016 Big Bowl Of Rock & Roll!

Prepare for battle – it’s the 2016 WSFL Big Bowl of Rock and Roll! It’s the wildest two weeks of the year and tempers flare, as our battle of the rock bands hits the airwaves. There’s crying, yelling, arguing….and that’s just in the studio! Your votes determine who the champion will be, and the match-ups begin […]


1 week ago

Goat Makes The Weirdest Noises

For a while, there were a ton of screaming goat videos all over the internet. Apparently our fascination with screaming goats isn’t over. There’s a new one where the goat doesn’t really sound like a person. It just makes crazy noises and sticks its tongue out a lot. And the woman who’s trying to feed […]

Bored Panda

2 weeks ago

Monkey Adopts A Puppy, Defends It From Stray Dogs, And Lets It Eat First

Earlier this month, a rhesus macaque monkey adopted a puppy in Rode, India. After watching the monkey defend the little dog from strays, the locals were so impressed that they set out food for the two unusual companions. The best pals have totally captivated everyone in the area. Just goes to show you that no […]


2 weeks ago

A Guy Was Arrested For Ignoring the Cops and Trying to Save His Dogs From a Fire

I rarely take the side of criminals . . . but I stand with this guy. I would totally try to get back in my house to save my baby. (I do understand that they were not only trying to keep him safe, but also trying to keep the firefighters from having to go in […]


3 weeks ago

Hockey Knock Out

On Tuesday night, the hockey world once again saw the ugly side of fighting. Career enforcer Brian McGrattan, playing for the AHL’s San Diego Gulls, was knocked unconscious in a vicious bout with defenseman Daniel Maggio of the San Antonio Rampage. Luckily, he seems to be doing just fine. After the fight, he was given […]

ABC News

3 weeks ago

Jilited Bride Turns Wedding Reception Into Party for Homeless Kids in Seattle

A 29-year-old woman from L.A. named Dana Olsen was supposed to get married in Seattle this past Saturday. But about six weeks ago, her fiancé got cold feet and DITCHED her, and it was too late to get the deposit back. So instead of cancelling the reception, she decided to throw a huge party for […]

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