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12 hours ago

General Mills’ New Policy: If You Engage With Us Online, You Can Never Sue The Company

Companies want customers to engage with them online as if they’re just another pal on Facebook or Twitter, one that can offer downloadable coupons and promote contests with attractive prizes. Here at WSFL we do that with Facebook and Twitter and of course the website you’re visiting right now. Sure, it’s fun to have other […]


17 hours ago

28 Happy Photos That Will Improve Anyone’s Day

Try to look at these pictures without your day improving. I dare you. It can’t be done! #9 is actually my “to do” list for Friday and #11 just tickles me to death.


20 hours ago

Noah Is Going To College!

There’s a kid outside Green Bay named Noah VanVooren, who’s 18 and has Down syndrome.  Maybe you saw the video of him in October, when his high school football team let him suit up, and he scored a touchdown. Well, he’s in the news again, because he just got into Edgewood College in Madison as […]


3 days ago

Best Pre-flight Safety Announcement Ever!

I don’t recall ever being on a flight where the crew was a ton of fun. Yes, I’ve encountered some flight attendants who were very friendly, and occasionally silly, but nothing like this woman. She turned her spiel into a stand-up comedy routine and she is a scream!  


3 days ago

AC/DC to split?

AC/DC may be announcing their retirement as soon as Tuesday, according to media reports. Nothing has been confirmed by the band or anyone in their camp, but the internet rumor mill grinds stuff out pretty quickly. This article even includes audio from an entertainment news reporter in Australia talking about an ailing Malcolm Young.


1 week ago

20 Hoaxes Throughout History That Had Everyone Fooled

Some are absurd and others… many still believe. I’ve seen a lot of these before, and yes, it’s pretty hard to imagine people actually falling for some of this nonsense, but there are a few that were pretty convincing, especially in the days before the internet and whatnot. And truth be told…I still think there […]


1 week ago

Lost Classic

It’s the return of the Lost Classic!! It’s been far too long since I posted one, so I figured I’d better get back in the groove. Today’s Lost Classic is a Nazareth track from the “Hair of the Dog” album that came out in ’75. It’s “Beggars Day”, a great showcase for the signature sound […]


2 weeks ago

Contestant Takes a Verbal Jab at Alex Trebek on “Jeopardy”

I LOVE “Jeopardy”. I am addicted to the show, and at our house, we Tivo it every night. I dread when the season is over and the reruns start rolling. We even have a “Jeopardy” video game that we play from time to time when the real deal isn’t on TV. I actually auditioned for […]

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