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2 days ago

Cam Newton feeds 900 kids, holds ‘Dabbing’ contest at Thanksgiving jam

Pretty good week for Cam Newton. Less than 10 days after some concerned mom put egg on her own face by writing a letter about Cam’s end-zone behavior in the Panthers’ win over the Titans, Cam’s on quite the roll. Sunday featured five passing touchdowns — tying a Panthers record — and Monday featured an […]


1 week ago

Metro Detroit coney offers free Thanksgiving meals to people dining alone

A 69-year-old guy named George Dimopoulos owns a Greek diner outside Detroit called George’s Senate Coney Island. And a photo of a sign he recently put up in the front window is going viral, because he’s offering a free Thanksgiving dinner to anyone who doesn’t have someone to eat with this year. He says that […]

Mail Online

2 weeks ago

You’re More Likely to Get Sick Right Now Than Any Other Time of the Year

Slather your entire body in Purell, because the world is desperately trying to infect you right now. A new study found you’re more likely to get a cold during the first two weeks of November than any other time of the year. That happens to be RIGHT NOW. But that doesn’t mean we all feel […]


3 weeks ago

Greensboro man quits job to become caregiver for bedridden wife, sons with disabilities

They had a good life and a great family, and then, in 1991, things changed for the James family of Greensboro. Liz James was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and then, just two years later, her twins, Matt and Will, were diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. To some, this might be the end of life as we […]


1 month ago

Town Celebrates Christmas Early For Boy With Cancer

A seven-year-old named Evan Leversage lives in a small town outside Toronto, and was diagnosed with brain cancer right before his second birthday. Sadly, his doctors don’t think he’ll make it much longer. They even told his mom she might want to celebrate Christmas EARLY this year. So his family decided to do it. Then […]


1 month ago

Owl Shows Off His Sweet Dance Moves

Meet “Oakley” the baby owl with his favorite stuffed owl. He is always leaning against it. It gives him comfort and keeps him from stressing. It’s hoped that he will be moved in with three other older juveniles in the next few weeks, then be released into the wild in about six weeks. Oakley has […]

Bored Panda

1 month ago

What Politics Looks Like When You Delete Men From The Photos

I saw this on the news last and found it truly enlightening. Elle UK recently published a video showing how few women are in powerful positions around the world. The video is part of Elle’s #MoreWomen campaign, and it’s pretty interesting. They made the video by using pictures of various political events – gatherings of […]


1 month ago

Meet Koko’s New Kittens

KOKO is the famous gorilla at a sanctuary near San Francisco . . . she knows over 1,000 different words in sign language, and understands about 2,000 words in English. Yeah, she’s pretty amazing. A lot of people heard about her for the first time in 1984, after she asked for a kitten, and got […]

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