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4 days ago

VIDEO: Classic Horse Racing Call

I got the biggest kick out of the horse race that featured a steed named Hoof Hearted – it’s a classic video that cracks me up every time I watch it. Now, there’s another great race, featuring a horse named “Arrrrrrr”. One of the best parts is the way the announced calmly reverts back to […]


1 week ago

‘Puppy Eyes’ Help Dogs Bond with Humans, Study Suggests

My fiance thinks it’s weird that I stare into my dog’s eyes when I have his head in my lap. I talk to Loki and pet him and kiss him and we bond. I don’t think it’s odd at all. Turns out, I am on the money! According to a new study, staring into your […]


1 week ago

Man goes to high school prom for first time – at age 80

James Drain, who never attended his own prom, went to the Albertville High School prom with his granddaughter, Joy Webb, on Saturday. I love stories like this – they give me hope for the future, that a teenager would care so much about her grandfather that she’d take him to her prom. I love it!


2 weeks ago

These 20 People Called 911 For All The Wrong Reasons

They might seem fake but these are 20 hilarious and real phone calls to 911 dispatchers. I can totally see myself in that second one there. Hit the Read More link at the bottom of the page to see other silly calls.

ABC News

2 weeks ago

Kansas Man Sends High School Teacher a Surprise $10,000 Thank You Check

One man in Kansas has been paying it forward with his high school teachers, one check at a time. A 56-year-old guy named Kevin Perz owns a company in Kansas City, Missouri that sells construction supplies. And he’s done well enough for himself to do something pretty cool for someone ELSE recently. He graduated high […]


3 weeks ago

VIDEO: Gotta See It: NHLer Reaves pulls out tooth after crushing hit

Major League Baseball started Sunday. But it was just a normal day in the NHL . . . or more specifically, a hockey player for the St. Louis Blues pulled out one of his own TEETH. It was right after he took a pretty serious check into the boards, while he was waiting to go […]

ABC News

3 weeks ago

Alabama Moms Meet After Facebook Apology for Kids’ Behavior Goes Viral

A woman in Birmingham, Alabama named Kyesha Wood sent her two 13-year-old daughters and her 16-year-old son to see the new “Cinderella” movie last Thursday, and found out her daughters had been rude to the woman in front of them. It was actually the SON who ratted them out . . . he said they […]


4 weeks ago

Is chocolate better than exercise for the brain?

This is one of those stories that sounds like AMAZING news but gets less and less amazing with every detail. But that’s a spoiler . . . for a few brief, shining moments, bask in the glory of this sentence: Chocolate is better for you than exercise! Now that you’ve heard it . . . […]

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