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2 weeks ago

The Craziest Sports Superstitions Ever. Insane!

Some of the greatest athletes have pretty crazy superstitions, you’ll never believe the stuff they used to do to prep for a game. Who wore a gold thong? Who peed on his hands? (Ewwwww) And yes, it is true about Wade Boggs and his chicken dinners. I worked in a bar where the Red Sox […]


3 weeks ago

A High School Principal Cancelled the Homecoming Dance . . . Because Kids Won’t Stop Twerking

A high school principal in Vermont has cancelled the school’s homecoming dance and ALL future dances . . . because the kids won’t stop TWERKING. She says it’s because when they twerk, quote, “students do not face one another or remain with the same person for the length of the song.” Wow – I bet […]


3 weeks ago

WATCH: Three Animal Videos That Will Put A Smile On Your Face

I love animals, and I love the fact that You Tube, Vine and the ‘net allow me to indulge myself with the funniest, most touching and clever creatures in the world. I found three great videos today that I wanted to share with you, and I hope they give you a lift today and that […]


1 month ago

57 Percent of Americans Say Only Kids Who Win Should Get Trophies

The latest Reason-Rupe poll finds that when it comes to kids and their trophies, 57 percent of Americans think only the winning players should receive them. Only 57%? That means almost as many think EVERYONE should get a trophy just for showing up. This isn’t how things work in real life. Not everyone gets a […]

BBC News

1 month ago

‘Panic’ as dog was nearly thrown grenade to chase on beach

On Sunday, a woman in England picked up a rock at the beach to throw for her dog . . . and realized it was actually a LIVE GRENADE that had washed up. A bomb squad ended up blowing it up, and no one was hurt. Yay – a happy ending, but I have issues […]


1 month ago

VIDEO: Son Surprises Mom With Car

I love stories like this one – it’s amazing what some people are willing and able to do for others, even when they’re not sitting on a pile of cash. A guy named Corey Wadden has been on a mission to make enough money to set his mom up for retirement by the time he […]


1 month ago

VIDEO: Yo-Yo World Championships

Remember when everyone had a yo-yo? I was terrible with mine, but I still had one and I still tried to walk the dog, go around the world and do the sleeper. I really couldn’t, but I had fun trying. There were some kids I knew who could do amazing things, but nothing even close […]


2 months ago

President of Kentucky State U Takes Pay Cut

It’s east to talk about doing good things, but often harder to actually do them. This is a great example of a man practicing what he preaches. Raymond Burse is the 63-year-old president of Kentucky State University, and he’s taking a $90,000 pay cut  so 24 employees at the school will raises. The folks who […]

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