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ABC News

2 months ago

Photo of Professor Babysitting Student’s Kids While She Takes Exam Goes Viral

28-year-old Monica Romero is a junior at the University of Louisville. She’s also in the ROTC . . . AND she’s a single mom. She’s got a five-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. And earlier this month, she had to take a final in military history . . . but her babysitter cancelled at the […]


2 months ago

Mastiff Competing At Dog Agility

A crowd favorite mastiff during the agility portion of the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show at The National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado. You don’t usually see mastiffs rocking the agility course, because they’re big and, well, kind of bumbling, but this pooch does a great job.


2 months ago

Car Dealer Offers Vandal A Job

Two kids were caught vandalizing cars at a dealership in Sioux Falls, South Dakota back in October. They dented 20 cars by jumping on the hoods, and caused about $40,000 worth damage. The owner of the dealership is a guy named Mike Schulte. And when he first saw the security footage, he planned to press […]

The Huffington Post

2 months ago

The Most Popular Dog Names Of 2015

Here’s more proof that America’s PET OBSESSION just keeps getting stronger: The line between our dogs’ names and our kids’ names keeps getting blurrier. Rover.com just released a report on the most popular dog names of 2015 . . . and HUMAN names dominated. 49% of dogs got a name that’s also on the list […]

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