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3 months ago

Seal Gets A Belly Rub

An encounter with wildlife that both species truly enjoyed. Videographer Gary Grayson get an unbelievable encounter with an Atlantic Grey Seal while Scuba Diving in the Scilly Isles.

NBC News

3 months ago

#BuyPens Refugee Abdul Halim Goes Viral – A New Life Is On The Horizon

This is a such a great story about how people really can open up their hearts to someone they don’t even know and make a difference that will change not only this mans life, but the lives of his children. 35 year old Abdul Halim is a refugee dad who was pictured selling pens on […]


3 months ago

Oxford Dictionaries Adds ‘Beer O’Clock’, ‘Butt Dial’ And More

The Oxford English Dictionary is one of the most famous dictionaries in the world. It’s HARD for a word to get in there. But they also have a branch called the Oxford Dictionaries that adds newer, modern words that are just becoming a thing . . . and that MIGHT get into the main Oxford […]


3 months ago

Cindy Miller Chats with Tom Petersson About Cheap Trick and Rock Your Speech

Had the opportunity to chat with bassist Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick – what a great guy! The band is kicking butt and taking names as they polish up a new CT album for release, and Tom has been busy with another project very near and dear to his heart – Rock Your Speech. This […]


4 months ago

Snakes – They Weren’t On A Plane, They Were In His Underpants

A guy at a nursing home in Florida recently told one of his nurses he needed help, because he found a “SNAKE” in his pants . . . but he wasn’t trying to get a little action….he was telling the truth! It turned out the place was crawling with snakes, and they had to call […]


4 months ago

Australian Hunter Hikes For Two Days Carrying Dog Attacked By Crocodile

There’s a guy in Australia named Wayne Best who spends most of the year out in the wilderness, living off the land with his three-and-a-half-year-old dog Choco. Back on July 31st, they were out hunting wild pigs next to a river, when a 20-foot CROCODILE lunged out of the water, and pulled Choco under. But […]


4 months ago

By Being Frugal, Detroit Lion Ryan Broyles Is Preparing For A Future After The NFL

Ryan Broyles grabs his cell phone every morning over breakfast and pores over the latest transactions. What the Detroit Lions wide receiver is looking at, though, has nothing to do with football. Over the past three-plus years, Broyles has become immersed in the financial world and his careful financial planning throughout his career allowed him […]

Global News

4 months ago

Boy Fighting Cancer Gets Surprise Backyard Makeover And Meet His Heroes

There’s a seven-year-old kid in Nova Scotia named Bryan Carroll, who’s been battling leukemia for about a year, and the only place he could play outside was his backyard, which was basically just a patch of dirt. But his dad didn’t have the time to fix it up. So while he and his family were […]

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