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21 hours ago

How hard was it to be a New England fan that showed up for 9/29’s Monday night blow-out against Kansas City? This hard.

There’s a lot to be said for football fans with showmanship.


2 days ago

Someone Deserves A Special Place In Hell: Watch the “Wasabi Wake-up Prank”

And we’re talking real, Japanese wasabi… not that horseradish-with-green-dye they sell here in the States. Pure evil!

Mail Online

3 days ago

Is this the happiest mugshot ever? Man is overjoyed as he poses after being arrested and charged with robbing a bank 

Michael Whitington, 45, stands accused of raiding a bank in Denver then escaping on to a light railway train. The suspect has been placed in custody with a bond of $5,000. He has been arrested and charged with robbing a bank. But Michael Whitington seemed in fine spirits as he posed for his mugshot.The 45-year-old […]


5 days ago

Redneck Christmas Parade canceled for being too ‘trashy’

Drinkin’, fightin’ and cussin’ – that kind of behavior will get your Redneck Christmas Parade put up on cinder blocks faster than you can plaster a deer-crossing sign with buckshot. Organizers announced this week that theparade with a nearly 20-year tradition in Chumuckla, FL was canceled. “I used to come to the parade and bring my family […]

NY Daily News

6 days ago

Dutch man turns amputated leg into a lamp, tries to sell it on eBay 

A Dutch man turned his amputated leg into a lamp and tried to auction it off on eBay with a starting bid of $80,000. Leo Bonten tried to sell a lamp made out of his amputated leg on eBay, but the website pulled the ad. A Dutch man turned his amputated leg into a lamp […]

Mail Online

6 days ago

Hulk Hogan’s Florida restaurant’s dress code prohibits low hanging pants, oversized jewelry, camo

A beach restaurant is by nature a relaxed, carefree environment. But not according to TV personality Hulk Hogan. His FL food joint looks to have one of the strictest policies on attire in the history of eating out. Not sure many Hulkamaniacs would qualify for a seat in his resttaurant… would you?

Mail Online

7 days ago

Unforgivable! David Hasselhoff takes Justin Bieber for a ride in “Kitt” from Knight Rider

Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff are once again working together on an upcoming film project as the pair were seen shooting scenes for a ‘secret project’ in Venice Beach on Tuesday. Justin Bieber found himself in trouble with the law after he was caught drag racing in a yellow Lamborghini in January.So on Tuesday, the […]


1 week ago

100 Orgasms A Day: Freak Accident Leaves Man With Debilitating Disorder – YouTube

Wisconsin man says suffering from incurable condition is nothing short of a ‘living hell’

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