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The Huffington Post

9 months ago

Sophia Loren Finally Explains Why She Gave Jayne Mansfield’s Boobs The Side-Eye

It might be the most famous case of celebrity shade-throwing ever: Sophia Loren giving a cleavage-baring Jayne Mansfield some serious side-eye at an A-list party in 1957. Fifty-seven years later, Loren has finally revealed what was going through her mind at that very moment. Loren, who starred in one of her very first Hollywood flicks […]

Fox News

9 months ago

Former NFL cheerleader allegedly had sexual relations with 15-year-old boy

A former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader and the estranged wife of a prominent Maryland energy executive has been indicted and arrested on charges of having sex with a 15-year-old boy, police announced Wednesday.Molly Shattuck, 47, was indicted Monday on two counts of third-degree rape, four counts of unlawful sexual contact and three counts of providing alcohol […]

E! Online

9 months ago

WATCH: Rob Lowe’s Direct TV Commercial Has Shy Bladder Support Group Upset

Rob Lowe’s latest commercial for DirecTV has come under fire after viewers claim he’s making fun of people with shy bladder syndrome, A.K.A. tinkle time stage fright. Two versions of the actor are featured in the 30-second clip: the suave Lowe that we’ve all come to know and love, and a dorky, awkward version.In one […]

Fox News

9 months ago

Was NBC weatherman pee-writing his name in the snow during live shot from NC?

It’s a story important enough for NBC’s “Nightly News”: Anchor Lester Holt introduced Seidel, who apparently could not hear him or know that he was on camera. Seidel, who also works for The Weather Channel, had his back to the camera and was slightly hunched over, both hands near his waist. Holt quickly ended the […]

Business Insider

9 months ago

11/3 is National Sandwich Day: The best sandwich in NC is… WHAT!?

Nov. 3rd is National Sandwich Day. So while you decide what to slap between two slices of Wonder bread in celebration, prepare for a shock. Because – according to ‘experts’ – the official state sandwich of North Carolina isn’t pulled pork BBQ. That’s right. While Mississippi has the pig ear sandwich, and Iowa has the […]


9 months ago

Proving Once Again They’re Absolutely No Fun, Lucasfilm objects to ‘Empire Strikes Bock’ beer

The New York-based brewery and brewpub has named its new bock style beer, “Strikes Bock”, which with the brewery name creates a combination not unlike the name of the classic film The Empire Strikes Back from the original Star Wars trilogy. Too close for comfort for the now-Disney-owned corporation apparently, which has filed a Notice […]


10 months ago

‘Queen: Live at the Rainbow ’74′: Still Killer Queen, After All These Years

Over 40 live tracks from March & November 1974 on this 2 CD set – be listening afternoons this week to win your copy!


10 months ago

Woman Arrested After Becoming Trapped in Ex’s Chimney While Trying to Sneak In

A woman accused of illegally entering the Thousand Oaks home of a man she went on multiple dates with was arrested Sunday after firefighters used dish soap and jackhammers to partially dismantle a brick chimney and slide her out. The home’s resident, who did not wish to be identified, said he had met Nunez-Figueroa online […]

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