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6 months ago

WATCH: Oscar Mayer honors Kevin Bacon’s much less famous brother

Everybody recognizes Kevin Bacon. But his brother, Michael Bacon? Not so much. Oscar Mayer is hoping to change that. Next week the brand launches an “Unsung Bacon” campaign in an effort to promote its own turkey bacon … and its spokesperson, the lesser-known Bacon brother. See the video here:


6 months ago

Fight baldness with needle and ink?

WATCH: Men in NYC are combating baldness a whole new way – by getting hair tattooed on! Would YOU? See the shocking news video here:  


6 months ago

Russell Cooper attempted to escape alleged Boynton Beach bank robbery with walker.

Russell Cooper, 77, was tasered while attempting to escape a Boynton Beach bank robbery with his walker by holding manager hostage at knifepoint.


6 months ago

Man who found Ohio women reflects on life a year later in new book, “Dead Giveaway”

CLEVELAND – Tuesday marks the one-year anniversary since Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight escaped years of captivity inside the home of Ariel Castro in Cleveland. In his new book, “Dead Giveaway,” Charles Ramsey reveals Castro used him to test his food for poison, and that he’s not profited in any way since rescuing […]


6 months ago

North Carolina Ranks Among the Top Ten Worst States With STD’s

Certain STDs are almost 50 times more common in some states. How’d NC do? Time for a dose of tough love: Worst States for STDs 10. North Carolina (10th for chlamydia, 6th for gonorrhea, 24th for syphilis) 9. New York (11th for chlamydia, 16th for gonorrhea, 7th for syphilis) 8. Texas (13th for chlamydia, 13th […]


6 months ago

Beatles and Motley Crue Mashed Up Into ‘A Hard Girls Night’?!

John Lennon’s unforgettable vocal on the ‘Hard Days Night’ fits perfectly into the crunchy riff of Motley Crue’s ‘Girls Girls Girls.’ Listen here:


6 months ago

WATCH: Slender mother-of-four sets world record for eating 12lbs of pudding in only THREE minutes

Nebraska-based Molly Schuyler, 34, a server and competitive eater, smashed the previous world record more than six times over. See all 15,000 calories of slurpy, burpy goodness here:


6 months ago

What did you accomplish this week? ‘Master’ Willie Nelson gets 5th-degree black belt

The country music icon who turns 81 this week received his fifth-degree black belt in the martial art of Gong Kwon Yu Sul on Monday night, parking his tour bus outside the Austin studio of his instructor who began teaching him two decades ago. Nelson didn’t show off his chops but Grand Master Sam Um […]

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