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Juice Box Newsletter Daily, A Subsidiary of Penthouse Magazine

7 months ago

Teen charged after alleged juice box assault

A teenager faces weapons charges after allegedly threatening her grandmother … with a juice box. At one point, police said, the girl threw a juice box at her grandma and then poured the juice on the hood of her car.The teen now faces charges including assault with a weapon, as well as mischief and breaching […]

Seriously, Science?

7 months ago

Nearly 1 in 6 college students have had sex while driving

According to this study, almost 16% of midwestern college students have had sex while driving (SWD), and nearly half did so while driving at speeds of 61-80 mph. Amazingly, none of those surveyed reported having an accident, though 1.8% “nearly had a crash.” The authors consider SWD to be an under-reported in-vehicle distraction and encourage more […]

The Hollywood Reporter

7 months ago

World Cup: Will Ferrell, Hulk Hogan Fire Up Fans for the U.S. vs. Germany Match (Video)

The thousands of American fans in Brazil didn’t need anything to add to their excitement this week, but the sight of Will Ferrell got them even more pumped for the USA/Germany showdown. Separately, Hulk Hogan issued his own video edict via YouTube:  


7 months ago

Kelly Osbourne’s Butt Photo Knocked Our Socks Off, Too Bad Her Socks Need A Good Healthy Spin Cycle

Obviously, Kelly Osbourne transformed her figure a few years ago in one of Hollywood’s most amazing slim-downs. Now she’s got a cheek or two up on the competition and needs to put her socks in the laundry.

New York Post

7 months ago

Man walks into McDonald’s with knife sticking out of his back

A man shocked the breakfast crowd at a Queens McDonald’s Tuesday when he strolled in with a knife stuck in his back while chatting on a cellphone. “I’m pretty sure he was on the phone talking to somebody in his family or a loved one,” witness Tromaine Yancey told WCBS/Channel 2. “He was talking to […]


7 months ago

A new smartphone app called BrewDrop offers customers alcohol delivery with just a few simple taps. That’s taps on your phone, not beer taps.

According to the company’s founder, “We plan to offer continuing services, such as a ‘craft beer of the week’ subscription service and local events like beer and wine trades.”BrewDrop is available for free, but charges $5 for each delivery. As of right now, the service is available in Austin but is hoping to expand by […]


7 months ago

Man trapped in plane toilet during 15 hour flight

Sometimes, you’re flipping the bird, and sometimes… the bird flips you. A 15-hour flight to Hong Kong proved a particular ordeal for one US passenger who accidentally trapped his MIDDLE FINGER in a lavatory rubbish bin early Wednesday, police said. Why you would have your hand IN a trash receptacle is another issue entirely. Is […]


8 months ago

Brian Williams raps Sir Mix-A-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Brian Williams may be a veteran news anchor, but “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon and his team have proven yet again that despite the newsman’s skill at delivering hard news, Williams can also drop a mad beat – with a little bit of creative editing help, that is.

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