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8 months ago

AMC Has Secretly Been Warning Us Breaking Bad Is The Walking Dead Prequel

Was Walter White’s blue meth responsible for the zombie outbreak? Proof emerges that ‘Breaking Bad’ was, in fact, a prequel to ‘The Walking Dead’


8 months ago

Jailed killer finds out he’s going to be Britain’s youngest grandfather ever at 27

The convicted murderer’s daughter was born when he was just 14. Now, aged 13, she is reportedly pregnant.


8 months ago

The 30 Dumbest Things Drunk Women Have Ever Done

Pass out in your car waiting to order fast food? Check. Dropping your pants in a museum and rubbing your buttocks on a $30 million dollar painting? Double check. Shoplift a sex toy while filling out a job aplication? Check, check, and check. I think there’s a little something here for everybody.


8 months ago

Taco Bell president tells Canada it will get breakfast ‘when you take Justin Bieber back’

Looks like Canadians won’t be rockin’ breakfast tacos any time soon, and they have twirpy pop singer to blame.


8 months ago

Woman named Crispi tries to set ex-boyfriend’s house on fire with bacon

Cameo Crispi, a 31-year-old mother from Uintah County, Utah, allegedly tried to burn down her ex’s home by leaving a pound of bacon burning on a gas stove.


8 months ago

Mom with ‘insane’ pumping skills sets Guinness record for breast milk donation 

Between February 2008 and September 2013 Amelia Boomker, 36, pumped the equivalent of 4,000 baby bottles – nearly 132 gallons. (Or, as one paper helpfully pointed out, the equivalent of 618 Venti size Starbucks.)


8 months ago

Watch: Billy Joel and AC/DC’s Brian Johnson perform “You Shook Me All Night Long”

Marks Johnson’s first live performance since AC/DC’s 2010 ‘Black Ice’ tour, first performance with Joel in 12 years.  


8 months ago

Cops: Drunk Motorist Was Wearing Pants As Shirt When Found Passed At Wheel

Indiana police yesterday found Bryan Hill, 24, passed out behind the wheel of a 2013 Honda.

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