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8 months ago

Florida Man Called 911 After Wife “Had Thrown Out His Beer”

People call 911 for all kinds of nonsense, but it’s usually a good idea to stop calling after the cops show up and ask you to. Not so in the case of West Palm Beach’s very own Carlos Bueno Mir, who called 911 seven times in four hours to report that his wife had not […]


8 months ago

Casey Kasem Hospitalized After Alleged Hambuger Throwing Incident

WATCH: The incident is alleged, while the hamburger… all too real. The bizarre case of legendary DJ Casey Kasem gets even more mystifying as his wife, Jean, flings raw meat while yelling Bible verses at Casey’s daughter as he gets loaded into an ambulance. His hospitalization and the uncooked meat appear to be unrelated. See […]


8 months ago

Up late and raiding the fridge? Time to discuss when it’s OK to eat moldy food.

Even if you refrigerate promptly, moldy food is still a fact of life. But is moldy food safe to eat? Sometimes yes, and sometimes no.  “The average person doesn’t know which mold is harmful,” says Michael P. Doyle, PhD.  This guide from the USDA, can help you decide if a moldy food is safe to eat.


8 months ago

Man Buys Entire McDonald’s Dollar Menu, Eats It As One Big Sandwich

This guy decided to enjoy the ultimate Dollar Menu burger — that’s right, he made a hamburger out of all the items on the McDonald’s Dollar Menu… even the fruit and yogurt parfait.  


8 months ago

Woman eats pair of 72-ounce steak dinners — in less than 15 minutes

On Monday, Molly Schuyler ate two 72-ounce steak meals at The Big Texan Steak Ranch. In less than 15 minutes. After breakfast. “We witnessed history,” Big Texan co-owner Danny Lee said.


8 months ago

WATCH: ‘Snot’ and ‘Booger’ graffiti plaguing Cary, NC

So how’s life in the big city? To answer that, you’re gonna need some tissues:


8 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel finds folks who think Godzilla is real

Some were asked if they thought it was wrong of Hollywood to make a movie based on what the reporter called an actual attack on Tokyo in 1954 that killed 100,000 people. “I think it is,” one woman said. “I mean, if it it affects the people who were affected, and then there’s the people […]


8 months ago

WATCH: Real-Life Jetpack Flies at Futuristic Conference

Those of you pondering the future and wondering where your jetpack is, take heart: A human pilot flew a real jetpack for 20 glorious seconds in front of a packed Smithsonian crowd. Now the question is, where would you go if you had one? I’m thinking I’d have six bowls of greasy chili and then […]

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