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10 months ago

Must Have Really Needed That Snickers: Florida Man rescued from… a vending machine?!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Authorities rescued a man from a vending machine. according to a spokesman for Jacksonville Fire & Rescue. Firefighters, responding to a report of an industrial accident, would not comment on the circumstances of how the man became stuck in the vending machine or how they rescued him. Action News called the business […]

The Smoking Gun

10 months ago

Cops: iPhone Shoecam Used To Film Up Woman’s Skirt

Store surveillance video recorded Paul Senzee, 40, extending his right foot “toward and under” the victim’s skirt “multiple times” at the checkout line. The cameraman, Paul Senzee, was detained by Walmart security. When confronted by police, the 40-year-old software engineer refused to answer questions. Senzee is pictured in the above mug shot. A check of […]

Fox News

10 months ago

Contestant sues ‘Dating Naked’ for allegedly airing uncensored shot

So, if you go on a show called ‘Dating Naked’… is it safe to assume PEOPLE WILL SEE YOU NAKED?? Jessie Nizewitz, 28, says she was repeatedly promised by the producers that her private parts would be “blurred out” during the show’s third episode in May. So she stripped down to her birthday suit with […]

The Concourse

11 months ago

Which Is The Best Nose-Picking Finger?

The following was reprinted from the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag.  Your letters: Cameron: What is the record for number of times a booger has traded fingers while someone’s trying to flick it off? Gotta be in the hundreds. I’ve had boogers that have been worked into atomically perfect spheres by […]

Mail Online

11 months ago

So what’s YOUR excuse? Sylvester Stallone’s 92-year-old mom pumps iron in CrossFit work out

As ‘The Expendables 3′ struggles at the box office (Sly says it’s because the movie was pirated, meaning too many people have seen copies for free) one member of the Stallone family isn’t letting the bummer blockbuster break her concentration in the gym! She may be 92-years-old, but Jackie Stallone isn’t letting her advancing years […]


11 months ago

“The Blob” Was Based On A True Story

Both the 1958 and 1988 Blob movies are “based” on a real incident that happened in Philadelphia in 1950. On September 26th, two officers on patrol saw what appeared to be a parachute float down from the sky. They drove to the landing site to find a… something. Various accounts give it different qualities. It seemed to be […]


11 months ago

Woman on Madrid plane had nearly 2 kilos of coke implanted in her breasts

A Venezuelan woman with 1.7 kilos of cocaine hidden in her breast implants was arrested at Madrid airport after arriving on a flight from Colombia, police said Friday. “During a check of passengers from a plane from Bogota, the gestures and behaviour of a supposed tourist raised the suspicions of narcotics agents,” they said in […]

KTVK azfamily.com

11 months ago

ANOTHER Teacher accused of being drunk at school

A teacher at Poston Butte High School in AZ was cited for consumption of alcohol in public after she admitted to drinking in her classroom during her lunch on Wednesday. Kathleen Jardine, 57, of Chandler, could also be facing a disorderly conduct charge after student witnesses reported she was intoxicated, was yelling at students and cursing. […]

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