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7 months ago

Report: SC Man assaulted after burping at Taco Bell

A customer at a Taco Bell in Fort Mill, S.C., said a man became irate and hit him with a chair, grabbed his throat and tried to head-butt him after he did not say “excuse me” after burping, according to a police report.


7 months ago

VIDEO: Watch Rick Perry Play Drums For ZZ TOP

Texas Gov. is actually very talented with a pair of sticks.  


7 months ago

Video: KTLA Anchors React To Los Angeles Earthquake On Live TV

Chris Schauble’s face the moment it went down is undeniably the GREATEST earthquake face. Catch the video below:


7 months ago

America Hates Male Nipples: FCC Viewer Complaints About The Super Bowl

Some folks were really upset about the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ nipples.


7 months ago

Kane Leaving WWE for His New Insurance Company?

Kane has told people that he’s been planning on retiring from WWE for some time now but it’s hard to walk away from the money


7 months ago

The 13 Most Memorable Strippers In Movie History

Did your favorites make the list? Who cares!? IT’S A LIST ABOUT STRIPPERS!!!


7 months ago

‘Illegitimate son’ of Mr. T filed $5.4 million lawsuit against The A-Team star because he ‘abandoned’ him and caused him to join a gang

Alexander Taylor, 25, of San Diego, California, claimed that the actor – real name Laurence Tureaud – walked out of his life when he was young because ‘he did not fit into Mr. T’s public image.’

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