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8 months ago

WATCH: ‘Snot’ and ‘Booger’ graffiti plaguing Cary, NC

So how’s life in the big city? To answer that, you’re gonna need some tissues:


9 months ago

Jimmy Kimmel finds folks who think Godzilla is real

Some were asked if they thought it was wrong of Hollywood to make a movie based on what the reporter called an actual attack on Tokyo in 1954 that killed 100,000 people. “I think it is,” one woman said. “I mean, if it it affects the people who were affected, and then there’s the people […]


9 months ago

WATCH: Real-Life Jetpack Flies at Futuristic Conference

Those of you pondering the future and wondering where your jetpack is, take heart: A human pilot flew a real jetpack for 20 glorious seconds in front of a packed Smithsonian crowd. Now the question is, where would you go if you had one? I’m thinking I’d have six bowls of greasy chili and then […]


9 months ago

Texas man sues stripper to get Harry Potter DVDs back after finding out it isn’t true love

  “No refunds in the strip club,” dancer Naomi Mims added. “I’ve even had people come up in there asking, ‘Oh, can I get a dance,’ and they’ll pay me back next week. We ain’t got no layaway plans either.”  


9 months ago

Pregnant Iowa Woman Claims She Found Marijuana in Her McDonald’s Cheeseburger

This isn’t the first time a fast food restaurant has had a McDrug Problem: Last year, 4-year-old found a marijuana pipe in a Burger King Kid’s Meal, and a customer at a Wendy’s in George found a half-smoked blunt in a cheeseburger. Not to mention the McDonald’s employee who was arrested for dealing heroin via drive-thru Happy Meals.


9 months ago

Coming Soon: The Sammy Hagar Bobblehead

The Official Sammy Hagar Web Site reports that a new product immortalizing the Red Rocker is in the works. According to RedRocker.com Sammy’s son Aaron “…is at work scultping and here are some photos showing his progress over the last few days. We’ll keep you updated on the progress and when you can grab one!” See […]


9 months ago

Ben Affleck’s Batman and Batmobile revealed

From ‘Why So Serious?’ to ‘Why So Sad Looking, Batman?’ New Batman & Batmobile design have fans, skeptics puzzled as to what the new ‘Bat-Image’ is suppose to convey.


9 months ago

Rob Halford To Have Elective Surgery Before New Judas Priest Tour

The Judas Priest front man has an umbilical hernia that he says “…looks like the alien just burst forth!” What’s that like? We asked our friends at Carolina Surgery and they provided us with this helpful video:

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