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8 months ago

‘Illegitimate son’ of Mr. T filed $5.4 million lawsuit against The A-Team star because he ‘abandoned’ him and caused him to join a gang

Alexander Taylor, 25, of San Diego, California, claimed that the actor – real name Laurence Tureaud – walked out of his life when he was young because ‘he did not fit into Mr. T’s public image.’


8 months ago

21-pound cat is being questioned by Portland police after terrorizing family, trapping them in bedroom

Dispatchers stayed on the phone while the family locked themselves in a bedroom as the cat screeched in the background. Listen here to the SHOCKING 911 tape:


8 months ago

Thief steals man’s bike, leaves pile of poop

“Bicycle was missing,” according to the report, “and the only thing that was left by the suspect was a pile of poop.” Will this lead to a nationwide poop registry? Privacy experts weigh in.


8 months ago

Famed Wrestler Buff Bagwell — I’m a Male Prostitute Now!

Legendary wrestler Buff Bagwell is still trading on his lady’s man image … now, as a gigolo. Bagwell — who was a force in World Championship Wrestling and the WWF – is now more of the “WTF?!” variety.  


8 months ago

Mass. high court says ‘upskirting’ is legal under state law

The state’s highest court says “upskirting,” the practice of secretly photographing under a woman’s skirt, is not prohibited by state law. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court said today that the state law intended to prohibit “Peeping Tom” voyeurism of completely or partially undressed people did not apply to people who take pictures of people who […]


8 months ago

Man needs hospital treatment after cat attacks him because of aftershave

A Plymouth dad suffered a serious facial injury that needed hospital treatment after he was attacked by a neighbor’s cat because it hated his aftershave.


8 months ago

Hide The Cigars! President Bill Clinton Snapped With Pair Of Prostitutes, Tells Them He Always Has ‘Time For Pretty Girls!’

While mingling at a pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles, former President Bill Clinton rubbed elbows with a pair of working girls from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch: Barbie Girl and Ava Adora.

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