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The Columbus Dispatch

11 months ago

Bulkier eyebrows in demand

Clothes fall out of favor. Shoes step out of style.? Trendy haircuts lose their luster.? Many things tied to outward appearances seem susceptible to the whims of the fashion gods.? Even eyebrows.? For years, women tried to keep bushy eyebrows at bay. Now, with models and celebrities sporting more hair above their eyes, central Ohio […]


11 months ago

Fargo business sign advertising ‘EX WIFE SALE’ draws criticism

FARGO – A sign put up outside a contractor supply store here that advertised an “EX WIFE SALE” was taken down Thursday after it attracted controversy. Callers the store complaining were told it had already been taken down because of negative reaction from the community.”We’re proud to be part of a community that does not […]

The Huffington Post

11 months ago

You’ve Been Warned: Fresh ‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers About Everybody’s Favorite Rotting TV Show

It may not be time to riot just yet. There has been a lot of speculation about what will happen in Season 5 of “The Walking Dead,” and now we finally have some answers. Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd recently spoke with Zap2it about the upcoming season and dished on some spoilers, including one that should […]


11 months ago

87-year-old nudist running for sheriff in Washington; likes his odds

An 87-year old man is running for sheriff in Washington state because sometimes, as he says, letters seeking change are just not enough. “I think he watches too much of that Jon Stewart,” his wife, Kay, said of the “Daily Show” being a contributing factor to her husband becoming a write-in candidate for Island County sheriff. […]

Man Made Radio

11 months ago

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Throws Out Sexy First Pitch at Dodgers Game

Sure, baseball’s boring unless you’re blind drunk, betting on the game, or both. Thank goodness for supermodels getting sauced before they throw out the first pitch! Go Dodgers (not). Bonus: Stick around after the pitch for drunken supermodel girl/girl hug wrestling!


11 months ago

Teacher Shows Up Drunk on First Day – Without Pants

Oklahoma police say the Wagoner Public Schools teacher allegedly showed up to the job on Monday drunk-and then removed her pants. Police fielded a 9AM call from school officials who had found Hill “in a room kind of disoriented,” per the police chief, reports the Tulsa World. By the time police arrived she was in […]


11 months ago

Animal Rights Groups Outraged Over Viral Video of This Fish Smoking A Cigarette

LOL, or what the hell? Shocking video footage has emerged of a fish being forced to smoke a CIGARETTE. The footage has been uploaded to viral site LiveLeak and Youtube and has drawn stinging criticism for its cruelty. It shows the fish – thought to be tropical and not one found in British waters – posed […]

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