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7 months ago

Vets Seeing More Dogs Eating Edible Marijuana

An animal hospital in Denver is seeing an increasing number of dogs who have eaten marijuana and is finding that the diagnosis isn’t good. The brownies, however, are reportedly great.


7 months ago

Woman arrested for using 911 to ask officer for sex

A Punta Gorda woman was arrested Friday night for misuse of 911, after asking dispatchers to send an officer she found attractive to her home because she, “hadn’t been penetrated in years.”


7 months ago

Smart Phone ‘selfies’ blamed for uptick in the spread of head lice

Experts say kids these days are addicted to selfies the way teens are addicted to marijuana cigarettes in a very special episode of “The Facts of Life”


7 months ago

“Sweet Child O’Mine” Gets Bluesy New Orleans Makeover

Slash admits he cringes at some cover versions – but this 1920’s take could make you wish it was Mardi Gras already!


7 months ago

WWE Never Say Never: Historic Raw Could Feature Undertaker, Hogan and Sting?

WWE is celebrating the long-awaited launch of the WWE Network with what should be a historic episode of Raw on February 24th


7 months ago

Buff Up Those Blouse Bouncers – MotÖrhead’s First Ever ‘Motör Boat’ Cruise To Sail This Fall

MOTÖRHEAD’s first-ever cruise, the MotörBoat, will launch this fall. It will sail from Miami, Florida to Key West and Cozumel.


7 months ago

Kate Upton’s Zero-G Bikini Shoot Makes Space Look All Jiggly

This may be the pinnacle of human invention. Sports Illustrated had the fantastic idea to shoot supermodel Kate Upton into the sky and then film her while she floated around in a bikini. Now we all know what Kate Upton looks like at Zero-G in a swimsuit. The answer, unsurprisingly, is great.  


7 months ago

The NBC Olymics site actually has a section called ‘Falls, Crashes, and Wipe-Outs’

Laughing at the misfortune of others is what the Olympic spirit is all about, right? Take the case of the Brazilian women’s bobsled team. See here as they fall down, go boom. And boom. And boom.

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