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4 months ago

To boost job prospects, younger Americans seek dentures

Dentures are not just for the elderly; they help younger adults get and keep jobs. Some areas that top the nation for unemployment also fare worst in a health measure that can keep people from getting jobs – missing teeth.West Virginia is the starkest example. Not only did it have the highest jobless rate in […]


4 months ago

Prostitute flashes at elderly man in Luton

There was outrage in Luton after a prostitute mocked and flashed herself at an elderly man last week. he shocking incident took place on Wednesday, July 29 shortly after 6pm.The prostitute was loitering in Boyle Close in High Town, when she lifted her skirt and exposed herself in front of the man in his late […]


4 months ago

Grannibal Lecter?! Woman ripper, 68, murdered, chopped up and ate 14 victims

Tamara Samsonova, 68, is suspected of sawing off their heads and limbs and gouging out their lungs. The pensioner – likened to the fictional cannibal Hannibal Lecter – was arrested this week over the murder of her friend Valentina Ulanova, 79. She was spotted on CCTV footage carrying Ulanova’s body parts in a black plastic […]


4 months ago

Your Cat Will Go Crazy for Meowijuana

The Meowijuana catnip company’s slogan – “For cats who need the weed” – says it all. Have you noticed your cat being overly paranoid? Is she often hungry, insisting on more treats even after she’s eaten? She may be experimenting with Meowijuana, the marijuana-themed catnip (no marijuana included) cats are going crazy over. (Come on, […]


4 months ago

Most ridiculous 911 call ever? Man calls police after girlfriend lets cat eat his bacon

This is the ridiculous moment a man dials 911 and asks police to arrest his cat for eating his bacon.The call starts with the man being asked: “What’s your emergency?””Er..me girlfriend has let the cat eat my bacon,” the man states matter-of-factly.The bewildered call operator asks him to repeat his claims before asking what he […]


4 months ago

Chicken bites Indian man, leads to violent clash between two communities

The chain of events was set in motion yesterday when the chicken bit a 17-year-old youth from the neighberhood. The enraged youth kicked the bird, infuriating the chicken’s owner and his father, who then thrashed him as a punishment, police said. The youth informed his parents about the incident and soon, a large number of […]

Death and Taxes

4 months ago

Did you hear Deez is running for president? Deez Nuts!

If Donald Trump ends up running as an Independent he might have some stiff competition from Deez. Deez Nuts! An Iowa man named Deez Nuts filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president of the United States. Nuts’ Principle Campaign Committee will be known as “Deez Nuts for President 2016,” and Nuts […]

The Huffington Post

4 months ago

Biker Impaled By Tree, Drives 20 Miles To Hospital

A mountain biker in New Mexico who was impaled in the neck by a tree branch has managed to avoid serious injury — even after riding his bike 20 miles to the nearest hospital. The unidentified biker suffered injury when he fell off his bike and was impaled in the neck by a two-centimeter-wide branch, the […]

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