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3 months ago

Loud sex noises land woman in jail

Gemma Wale, of Birmingham, is given a two-week prison sentence after annoying a neighbour with her ‘screaming and shouting whilst having sex’ The judge did not give Miss Wale’s age in her ruling but said she had a boyfriend called Wayne. • Nuisance neighbour jailed after alienating village Judge Kelly said the anti-social behaviour order […]


3 months ago

Woman Wants Her Ken Doll Sent To Prison For Domestic Violence

Sheryl Anderson, 44, said she wants the State of California to send her Ken Doll to prison for domestic violence. She has owned the Ken doll for two years and claims the male Barbie doll has a severe drug and alcohol problem and frequently “scratches her” when angry. “Ken gets absolutely loaded on Bud Light and marijuana and just attacks me,” Anderson told Access Sacramento TV. “He […]


3 months ago

And the Award For the Best ENC Mugshot of the Week Goes to…

A convicted felon was arrested this week for allegedly firing gunshots then trying to ditch the weapon. oe Hendley, 33, was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, misdemeanor possession of drugs, and discharging a firearm in the city limits. Kinston police said while officers were patrolling on Adkin Street, they heard two […]


3 months ago

Jerry Jones: Still Skeevily Groping Women After All These Years?

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a chance to enjoy(?) some pictures of gross-ass Jerry Jones fondling women while desperately trying to work up a boner, but we can (apparently) do it again today thanks to some new pictures published by Terez Owens. First, the proverbial cupping of the buttocks…   Then, you’ve got your […]


3 months ago

Yasmin Gasimova: The student refusing to shave her body hair

She’s shrugging off shaving. Meet the 19-year-old student shrugging off stereotypical standards of beauty by not shaving, because, you know, it’s HER body and she can do what the hell she wants with it. Yasmin Gasimova is currently in her first year of college and has just penned an article for The Tab on embracing her own body hair. […]


3 months ago

Prepare to Fall in Love With This Bikini Babe on a Scooter

Talk about the unofficial kick off to summer!

E! Online

3 months ago

Man With No Private Parts Has Slept With More Than 100 Women

A man without a tinkle has had sex with more than 100 people, while somehow managing to conceal the fact that he’s missing the critical organ. Andrew Wardle, the subject of an upcoming one-hour documentary special on Discovery Life Channel, suffers from an extremely rare birth condition called bladder exstrophy, which caused the organ to […]

In Touch Weekly

4 months ago

Mama June Earns $5500 Performing at Strip Club; Plans Weight Loss Surgery

It seems like Mama June will stop at nothing to keep herself in the spotlight! The former Here Comes Honey Boo Boo matriarch was seen on Saturday night making an appearance at a strip club of all places called the Crazy Horse Gentleman’s Club in Pompano Beach, Fla. There — entirely clothed — she got […]

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