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Mail Online

5 months ago

Mikel Ruffinelli with world’s largest bottom says she has a shape that other women envy.

Mikel Ruffinelli is the owner of the world’s biggest bottom, which measures 8ft around. She says being big is beautiful and thinks that rather than slimming to fit in with society, society needs to fit in with her. With a bumper backside that measures 8ft around, Mikel Ruffinelli is the owner of a bottom that […]


5 months ago

Another Reason Not to Eat Healthy: Woman Finds Frozen RAT’S HEAD in Bag of Frozen Spinach

Terri Powis, 33, said: “It was very fresh and really pink. It was a bit squashed but intact and must have been frozen soon after being severed” But she was horrified to a find thumb-sized and perfectly-preserved rat’s head when she began defrosting the spinach in a steamer.Terri didn’t notice the severed head to begin […]

The Huffington Post

5 months ago

Martina Big’s Implants Let Her Pump Up Her Size 32 L Breasts

In 2012, Martina Big had a high-flying career as a flight attendant, but the job didn’t get her as pumped up as she’d like. .”Many think a flight attendant would be an exciting, varied dream job, but the job is pretty stressful sometimes. Some passengers are very tiring and if you fly always the same […]

Fox News

5 months ago

Can snorting chocolate like cocaine be good for you?

How far would you go to get your next fix? A Belgian chocolatier now claims snorting is one of the best ways to experience cocoa.In 2007, chocolate-maker Dominique Persoone invented a chocolate sniffing device modeled after old-fashioned Victorian snuff shooters that allows users to inhale cocoa powder. Persoone created the device after the wives of […]

The Smoking Gun

5 months ago

Georgia Woman, 82, Arrested For Theft Of “Sexiest Fantasies” Body Spray

An 82-year-old woman is facing a larceny charge after she was caught trying to steal a bottle of “Sexiest Fantasies” body spray from a CVS pharmacy near her Georgia home, police report.Anneliese Young, the accused octogenarian, was collared when a store worker spotted her placing the item inside her purse. Young then walked out of […]

The Daily Pulp

5 months ago

Naked Bill Cosby Statue Will Be Unveiled in Florida this Month

Bill Cosby has fallen far and hard from his days as America’s Dad. Dozens of women have emerged to tell stories about how the comedian allegedly drugged and raped them or fondled them. The victim list includes at least one West Palm Beach woman. And now, a sculptor is sharing his vision to symbolize Cosby’s […]


5 months ago

Tech company offers night with a PORN STAR for their Employee of the Year bonus

A tech security firm in China is offering its finest employee of the year an unforgettable bonus – a night with a porn star.While companies usually offer a cash bonus to hard-working staff at the end of the year, or even just vouchers, that does not suffice for one Chinese firm. The company, Qihoo 360, […]

NY Daily News

5 months ago

Cub Scouts hike through nude beach leaves parents fuming

A pack of San Diego Cub Scouts, ages 9 and 10, found themselves sharing the sand with dozens of naked beachgoers last week after their nature hike took an unexpected turn. KFMB The boys wandered onto Black’s Beach under the guidance of their pack master. Previous Next EnlargeKFMB A pack of San Diego Cub Scouts […]

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